Managers set to clear out trouble Orange County condo complex

Article Courtesy of The WFTV Channel 9 Orlando

By Michael Lopardi

Published September 10, 2015


Many of those living in the troubled Tymber Skan condominiums have been given their final warning to leave the complex.

The homeowners' association said it's preparing to give tresspass warnings to people who haven't moved out.

Most of buildings in the Tymber Skan complex are boarded up, and many people have moved, but Tabitha Dykes is one of a few dozen holding out.

"We're just going to be homeless out on the streets, I guess. My stuff will be out on the streets with nowhere to go," Dykes said.

The complex is run down and plagued by crime.

The HOA wants to clean it up and ordered squatters to leave by July 31, but about 50 people continue to live in the complex.

Dykes said she received a notice last week, threatening her with arrest if she doesn't vacate the property.

"I don't know what's going to happen. I just don't know," she said.

The HOA president says he plans to return this week and have squatters cited for trespassing.

"When we went out door to door, we actually gave people more time. So far, we've given everyone over 60 days to find another place," Lorenzo Pinkston, with the HOA,

Pinkston said about 25 people with valid leases will be able to stay until their contracts expire. He said that should happen over the next few months, but he said
everyone else has to go now.

"We sympathize, but at the same time, it's business. You just can't take up residence in a property that doesn't belong to you."

Dykes said she has a lease, but recently learned that the man she's been paying rent to doesn't actually own the property. She said she's not sure what to do next.

Pinkston says he's working with the Orange County Sheriff's Office and will most likely return on Wednesday to have people removed.