Miami residents can’t resist going outside during the coronavirus pandemic when EDM is blasting. As David Guetta live-streamed a two-hour show to raise money for coronavirus relief, over a hundred people amassed on the streets. Miami police weren’t having it.

On Saturday, producer and DJ David Guetta, in partnership with the Miami Downtown Development Authority, played a two-hour concert streamed across the world to raise money for four nonprofit groups, including Feeding South Florida, which will fund more than one million meals in the area.

The concert drew in about 6.2 million people watching on Facebook, about 341,000 were streaming on YouTube and about 385,000 had watched on Twitch.

But watching the concert from the safety of your own home wasn’t enough for more than 200 people who crowded together on the streets near One Miami Condo, 325 S. Biscayne Blvd., to hear the echos of the blasting EDM music, a bystander told the Miami Herald.

Miami police said large crowds of that number weren’t assembling at one place.

Social distancing guidelines and safer-at-home orders are in place in the City of Miami and across the state that strongly recommended not being in crowds of more than 10 people.

Miami police cruisers came swiftly to break up the party and ordered people back to their homes.

More than 200 Miami residents amassed near One Miami Condo, 325 S Biscayne Blvd, to hear David Guetta’s two-hour show to raise money for coronavirus relief. Miami police wasn’t having it and dispersed the crowd.

“Gather all of your belongings and vacate the area,” police can be heard ordering in a video sent to the Herald.

Police said no arrests or incidents occurred, officers just told residents to move along and maintain social distancing.

“Everyone so far has been cooperative,” a Miami police spokesperson said.