Recently, Antonio Brown pleaded no contest to felony charges arising from a dispute with the driver of a moving truck. Now, Brown essentially has done the same thing in a civil action arising from alleged damages to a condominium that he rented in Miami.

Via attorney Daniel Wallach, Judge Beatrice Butchko issued on Monday an order granting default judgment for the landlord in the lawsuit. The decision, triggered by extreme and repeated failure by Brown to comply with the requirements of the litigation, means that he has lost the case. A separate hearing will be held to determine the amount Brown owes.

Judge Butchko found that Brown engaged in a “willful, deliberate, and contumacious” failure to comply with the requirements of the litigation, resulting from multiple “acts of disobedience.” After his lawyer withdrew from the case, Brown failed to hire new counsel or to file a notice indicating that he’d represent himself. He also failed to confer with the plaintiff’s lawyer regarding reimbursement for the costs of his second deposition (the court sanctioned Brown for his behavior at the second deposition, which happened because of his behavior at the first deposition) and regarding the scheduling of a third deposition.

Antonio Brown

“Defendant’s conduct exhibited an intentional delay tactic, a pattern of refusal to follow rules, and established a lack of good faith,” Judge Butchko wrote.

Brown will now owe to the plaintiff the full amount of the damages proven at a separate hearing, along with attorneys’ fees. The landlord has sought more than $200,000.