Volusia condo complex reopens 4 years after Hurricane Matthew

Article Courtesy of  WESH 2 News Channel 2

By Claire Metz

Published September 6, 2020


VOLUSIA COUNTY -- Four years after being severely damaged by Hurricane Matthew, a condominium complex received the OK to reopen.

Peck Plaza stands tall, despite being hit by Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and then Hurricane Irma in 2017.

It’s been a long four-year journey for the 100 or so owners of condominiums in the 29-story landmark property.

Hurricane Matthew punched a hole in the top of the building, sending water pouring through windows and sliders shattered.

Everything has been replaced, brought up to code and hurricane rated. Contractors are still working on some of the common areas, but the building is now considered safe so that individual owners can get inside their units.

Dave Everest is one of a half dozen residents who have moved back in.

“It ended up being a lot bigger task than we originally thought. We’re very delighted to be back in to the building,” Everest said.

Insurance covered a significant portion of rebuilding but there have also been special assessments for additional work. Owners also had to deal with the cost of a temporary home.

One resident sadly didn’t get to see the building back open. The 90-year-old told others he wanted to live long enough to get back into the building, but died a few months back.