Issue: # 43
OCTOBER 31, 2020
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Dear Florida Homeowner and Condo Owners;

Three more days to ELECTION! Make sure you vote! And please don't vote for local officials just because they have a certain letter ( R or D ) behind their name. Vote for the candidates who are actually willing to work for you, not the life-long politicians who wouldn't be able to work in a real job. GO VOTE -- IT'S IMPORTANT!

I guess you have heard the arrogant CEOs of Twitter and Facebook testifying in front of the Senate Committee. The so-called social media has actually turned into the UNSOCIAL media. Now they are even censoring the posts and comments. I unsubscribed and joined Parler ( ).They are not censoring anything and are not thinking that they are referees of what you can read and what you are not allowed to read. Obviously "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" is only good as long as it fits Facebook's and Twitter's agenda. Everybody should be allowed to write his/her opinion. Anybody who doesn't like it, doesn't have to read it. They should realize one thing: The CANCEL CULTURE WORKS BOTH WAYS!

I guess the Slosberg's wil never get the message: They are no loner wanted by the constituents they were claiming to represent for many years. Father Irv Slosberg got his butt kicked by a landslide in the Primaries running for the Florida Senate and daughter Emily is still trying to entice the voters in Florida House District 91 to elect her back into the Florida House. In four years of warming the seat in Tallahassee she accomplished more or less nothing for her constituents. And in my opinion it's pretty difficult to represent others if you have a problem taking care of yourself. Her known -- and acknowledged -- mental problems should stop every voter from allowing her to continue to represent this district in Tallahassee. Or will voters never learn? Her opponent is a young, enthusiastic kid, running on a platform we should all be interested in: HOA and Condo Reform, Protecting the Elderly! Remember: This district is full of HOAs and Condos occupied by mostly elderly folks.

It's only three days until ELECTION DAY! Remember: If you live in an HOA regulated by FS 720 and haven't posted your campaign signs yet -- it's high time. You can now post your campaign signs and raise your flags in your front-yard. It's an old American tradition to show your support for the candidate(s) of your choice. Don't allow an HOA rule to keep you from doing what you feel is your First Amendment Right. We will try next year to create a provision in the Florida statutes, like we did with "Flying Ol' Glory", that will allow owners to post signs in a reasonable size, quantity and period of time -- rules many other states already have.

This week we are blogging about a hot topic, according to the many questions we received in the last few months. Since most of the amenities in the communities couldn't be used due to the Chinese Virus, owners are asking about refunds. Especially our friends who are living outside the USA and couldn't even enter the country are asking this question. Please read my blog posted yesterday: "DISADVANTAGES OF COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION LIVING!"


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Lawyer says he was profiled by security jogging in his own gated community

A lawyer who recently moved into his new home in a Parkland gated community says he was racially profiled while out for a late-night jog — and he posted about the interaction on social media. “It was a very unpleasant feeling,” says Josiah Graham, who is Black. The 31-year-old lawyer and his fiancé just moved into their home in the Parkland Golf and Country Club community in August.
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This Week's Topics:
  1. The Presidential Election is 2 days away. Let's remember to stay friends.

  2. Florida's new emotional support animal statute.

  3. Is gambling allowed in your community? Are you sure?



LISTEN TO "ON THE COMMONS" -- Guest Jan Bergemann

The story goes that any homeowner in a mandatory membership homeowners' association who is behind in their dues is inherently bad, they don't want to pay their fair share and deserve to be kicked out. That's the story the HOA industry lobbyists tell state legislators when lobbying for increased power for the HOA and the industry. They paint a picture of these horrible freeloaders who think nothing of living off their neighbors. "It's NOT FAIR" they cry.


Don't build houses on defunct Calusa golf course, Kendall homeowners plead

Calusa Country Club was a green oasis surrounded by the strip shopping centers and traffic-choked streets of West Kendall, poster community for all that went wrong in sprawling suburbia. Golfers loved the course. Neighboring homeowners gathered inside the clubhouse for wedding receptions, parties, card games, breakfasts and banquets. But since Calusa closed in 2011, no one has sliced a drive or toasted newlyweds. Fairways have been swallowed by subtropical vegetation. Foxes, hawks and herons have made habitats out of putting greens and water hazards. A chain-link fence has been erected around the entire 168 acres.

Pasco updates plans to buy the golf course at Gulf Harbors
Pasco County commissioners voted Tuesday to move ahead with their long-planned purchase of the Gulf Harbors/Flor-a-Mar golf course property with plans to convert it into a neighborhood park surrounding a conservation area. Several years ago, the county had agreed to buy the property, but the deal stalled when a resident filed legal action over the county’s plan to have homeowners pay for half the purchase. Tuesday’s vote by the commission has the county making the purchase first and working out how to have residents pay for their community park later.
Ruskin woman says HOA threatened to fine her $150 a day over ‘Keep America Great’ flag
Belmont is a sprawling community of new homes in South Hillsborough County. If you zero in on one home on Ivory Drive, you’ll see an American flag flying above another flag with three words. Those three words have caused quite the stir. “The first warning came in August. They said I had to take my flag down, it was in violation, the ‘Keep America Great’ flag,” homeowner Melody Swonger told 8 On Your Side.
High-rise hotel proposals would ‘open the floodgates’ on Siesta Key, opponents say
The days of Siesta Key’s reputation as a quaint yet quirky island community might soon be over. Three developers have lined up to pore over paperwork with Sarasota County planners, pitching what might become, if approved by elected officials, a beach hotel renaissance on Siesta that opponents fear would fundamentally change the character life along the Gulf of Mexico.
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