Homeowners Trash Foreclosed House After Channel 9 Shows Up

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WFTV Channel 9 -- ABC

ORLANDO -- Daytona Beach

Published May 7, 2007

Appliances were thrown on the front lawn and a garage door was crushed in during a mortgage meltdown Wednesday in front of Eyewitness News cameras.


Neighbors called Channel 9, upset about the messy house in the Waterford Chase neighborhood, but what the owner did when the camera crew showed up no one was expecting. The homeowner tore apart the half-million dollar house on Cedar Forest Circle before the bank could take it.

The owners of the $465,000 home went on a rampage, trashing it, smashing windows and slamming a truck and trailer into the garage door, all because neighbors called Channel 9 to complain about the property.

Foreclosure frustration boiled over in Waterford Chase. The neighbors called about a giant backyard junk pile, while the front yard is adorned crosses and Jesus signs. Inside the home is trashed, abandoned and protected by a dog left behind.

"I think it's awful! I think it's just disgusting," said neighbor Lisa Schrader.

Code enforcement has placed liens. Animal Control came to the house Monday when the dog was spotted hanging out an open second floor window. Wednesday, the pond-like pool was left open, easy access for kids and the lawn man said he is in disbelief over the rodents.

"If I make a pass in between the two houses, the rats scatter," said landscaper Tom Smith.

As an Eyewitness News crew was documenting the condition of the foreclosed home Wednesday, the brothers who abandoned the house arrived and a strange debate ensued.


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"And until the bank takes it, you're just going to treat it like this?" Barrett asked.

"We're not doing anything. Just come back every day. You don't know what I'm about to do right now," Prisicandaro said.

That was an understatement. Neighbors called Eyewitness News again less than an hour later. Upon return, the house was much worse. The front windows had been smashed out. A truck and trailer was smashed into the garage door. Sinks and fixtures were ripped out. Appliances were now dumped in the front yard.

"It's just amazing that in one day it can be completely destroyed and by the owner of all people," said eyewitness David Raddis.

But the most surprising moment Wednesday was when Anthony Prisicandaro asked to speak again about the trashing and the anguish caused to neighbors.

"Before you left, I told you I was gonna clean up the house and now look at the house. And on the news. In Jesus' name, I really just want to apologize. I really just want to humble myself and apologize to my neighbors, apologize to the bank, to basically everybody," he said.

As for the dog, Animal Control said there is not much they can do as long as the pet is left with food and water. As for the mortgage company in California, it's unlikely they'll get back anywhere near what they loaned the guys for the house two years ago.

Foreclosure cases are becoming more common in the Waterford Lakes area. There are currently 944 homes in pre-foreclosure in that ZIP code. That's a large number of the 7,300 homes in pre-foreclosure in all of Orange County.

"You don't feel bad for your neighbors?" WFTV reporter Steve Barrett asked the pair.

"Feel bad for the neighbors? Well, the house is obviously not up to your par," said Anthony Prisicandaro, brother of the home's owner, Mario Prisciandaro.