Code enforcement cracks down on Orange County condo complex

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 9 News

By Deneige Broom 

Published March 25, 2015



ORANGE COUNTY -- Code enforcement officers cracked down Tuesday on a problem condominium complex.
Investigators said they received multiple complaints from residents of the Millenium Cove condos near Conroy Road.


Code enforcement officers have been going from building to building to look for issues that might not be up to code.

"A lot of rotten wood here and there; issues with the roofs," said Mike Rhodes of Orlando Code Enforcement.

Rhodes said they decided to investigate the complex because a lot of residents have been complaining.


"We get resident complaints about water problems or mold problems, things like that," Rhodes said.
Rhodes said they're seeing the same issues at condo complexes throughout the city.


During the housing boom, many complexes changed from apartments into condos, which meant instead of one owner responsible for upkeep, they could have many.

Rhodes said some condos are going through foreclosure and aren't getting needed repairs.

"We're trying to be proactive with some of these complexes just to be sure with so many different owners (that) they don't fall into disrepair," said


Rhodes said they planned the sweeps before seeing the major issues at Blossom Park condos, where Orange County Code Enforcement deemed the complex's conditions so dangerous, the county is paying to get people out of them.

"We're fortunate that we don't have too many that are that bad, but we want to keep it that way," said Rhodes.

Condo owners could get up to 90 days to fix the issues that the officers find before they could face fines.