Police investigation launched into homeowners' association treasurer

Article and Video Courtesy of Local 10 News

By Bob Norman

Published August 26, 2014

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Allegations of bully tactics, misspent money

Local 10 's Bob Norman delves into a Coral Springs community called Glen Walk plagued by homeowners' association politics and allegations of wrongdoing by a powerful board official. Since Norman began his investigation, police have started one of their one.

What happens if a HOA turns into a horror show? That's what happens in a Coral Springs Community where the alleged reckless spending sparked a criminal investigation of the treasurer.


It seems Carmela Kennedy doesn't believe in rules -- she will actually break every rule. It's like the dictatorship by a bully. The neighborhood is ruled by the treasurer with an iron fist. She handpicks her own board, spends money as if it's an open checkbook. Just watch the News Report!