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ABOUT A SPECIFIC COMMUNITY 14 All negative; 3 cite 1 community; all others cited different communities
BANK 13 "Banks liability should be greater [at least 5%] or forced to act sooner", association fees should supercede mortgages
BOARD 23 term limits, higher & enforced fiduciary standard, mandatory training, at least 1 director a resident no employees of
     developer, no board appointment(s) by CAM, no musical chairs, enforce rule against board disrgarding required
    homeowner approval of improvements & contracts or ignoring quorum requirement, hold directors personally 
    for costs of improper decisions, at least 5 directors, opnly residents as directors, if board doesn't enforce a rule then
    drop it, limit duration of developer control of boards & master associations, when development is 75% complete the 
      residents should vote to decide their future governing status without votes from undeveloped lots
HOA AGENCY / DBPR 12 regulatory agency too complicated & mediation too slow — small claoms court better, DBPR ineffective in rooting out
     corruption, need a way to enforce rules inexpensively, need effective oversight of condos statewide need a way to
     enforce rules inexpensively, need effective oversight of condos statewide, DBPR only helps board lawyers & CAMS
     instead of residents, condos statewide, DBPR only helps board lawyers & CAMS instead of residents, dissolve HOAs
     CDDS, make DBPR enforce FS 718 or abolish it, don't need/want another powerless or ineffective regulatory
     agency, HOA regulatory agency would help solve many problems arising from out-of-control boards, HOA
     ombudsman needed, give agency supoena power & abilit to fine associations/directors for repeated offenses even
     if it's the same offense, authorize agency to remove & fine directors for breach of fiduciary duties, 
LAWS / LEGISLATION 23 require professional management if more than 50 units, condos must have a reserve fund, all lawsuits between
    board & owner(s) for more than $25,000 must have prior community approval, mandate audit at least every 5 years
       if more than 50 units, membership must vote to to approve budgets—if no quorum use the most recently approved
     one, require all large associations to put all records online & keep audio tapes of all meeting & only hold open
     open meetings, oust directors who violate laws/documents/fiduciary duties, put HOAs under FS 718, make loser
      bear lawsuit costs — don't assess members, insert "If and only if the documents so provide" in FS 720.305 to
       prevent unauthorized fines, have outside agency run supervise all elections, laws useless unless promptly
        & fairly enforced, need a way to oust owners owing the association more than $10,000, make Florida's 
       HOA/Condo laws/regulations owner friendly, limit attorney fees & administrative charges, make laws/regulations
      clear & enforceable, limit time a new owner is responsible for prior owner's dues/attorny fees/interest etc,
      legislature too apathetic 
MULTIPLE ISSUES 37 mostly trivial or repeats
OTHER 6 also poll coops next time, "Good luck ,,, I was a speaker for the 2006 Florida House of Representatives Select
     Committee on Condomiums and Home Owner Association Governance … and the Speaker pro tem of the House 
     of Representatives would not allow any changes to the HOA laws only the Condo ones …. Due to him being an
     attorney for a certain law firm of B & P prior to being a politician,  Hope it works this time.   Good luck."
PRIORITIZATION 5 all questions about equally & very important, a lot of these should be top priority, # 2 (HOA regulatory agency) & # 5 
     (HOA Ombudsman) most needed, 1st priority is to pass this bill, lack of enforcement means I can't prioritize
SUGGESTIONS 2 control should remain with owners, not boards, look at Ontario Act about reserve funds
WHY SOME ANSWERS OMITTED 9 4 essentially live in a condo & don't know what HOA residents want,  never confronted issues in questions 2, 8 & 9 so
or SAID "NO" them, some don't apply to my HOA, said "NO" when lacked enough information to say "Yes"
QUESTIONS QUESTIONED  [Sometimes more than 1 comment/respondent]
      # 1 Turnover Control 2 "defunct may be a matter of opinion," If HOA becomes defunct by not renewing the entity owing to non-activity
     then the 1st person to pay the Secretary of State would gain control
      # 4 Election Rules 2 Condo rules should allow proxies, revise to conform to American with Disabilities & Civil Rights Acts, what's the
     penalty for not complying?
      # 8 Dues to Court & # 9 1 "Too convoluted"
      # 9 Pre-suit Mediation 2 mediation justs drags things out and raises costs, Loser should pay all costs if he ignores mediator's
   decision and then loses in court
      # 10 Banks Liability 2 should apply to current mortgage, banks should be responsible for all property upkeep costs in foreclosures
      # 15 Use a manager 1 actually has a manager but his title is "Administrative Assistant"
      # 17  Pets allowed 2 about half of the residents have pets in violation of the rules, what if some kinds of pets ok but not others?
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