House Criminal & Civil Justice Policy Council 2010

April 11, 2010
Opinion by Jan Bergemann, President

Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.


H 1523 -- NON-JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE -- Creates "Bankers' Fraud Cover-Up Act"

Dear Members of the Criminal & Civil Justice Policy Council:

As a member of the House Criminal & Civil Justice Policy Council, you will hear on Monday, April 12, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. House Bill H 1523 – the bill that would allow non-judicial foreclosure in Florida

Calling this bill the "Homeowner Relief & Housing Recovery Act" is a clear attempt to deceive the public about the actual intentions of this bill. The initial sponsor, Representative Tom Grady, is an attorney by profession and knows full well what this bill would do to Florida 's homeowners. But most likely the Florida Banker's Association, the special interest group that actually wrote this bill, wouldn't have liked the bill to be named with the title it specifically deserves: "Bankers' Fraud Cover-Up Act".

Non-judicial foreclosure has created havoc in other states that have attempted this ill-advised way to circumvent the courts. Banks can't even get foreclosures right in courts. That's why they are trying to work around courts, leaving homeowners no defense against attempts of banks to foreclose without having the necessary paperwork.

It's not even worth discussing!

Protect your constituents against banks and mortgage companies, deep-pocket special interest. They can't even get it right in court; that's why they want your help to achieve their goal!

The basic concept of the bill is totally flawed, because it would put the financial welfare of many Florida families in the hands of greedy bankers, who have shown their incompetence when their irresponsible lending caused the whole real estate mess in the first place.

Please consider the financial welfare of many Florida families when voting on this bill!

Snyder, William D. (R) Chair
Holder, Doug (R)  Vice Chair
Fetterman, Adam M. (D)  Democratic Ranking Member
Adams, Sandra (R)   
Ambler, Kevin C. (R)   
Domino, Carl J. (R)   
Eisnaugle, Eric (R)   
Garcia, Luis R. (D)   
Gibson, Audrey (D)   
Gonzalez, Eduardo (R)   
Grady, Tom (R)   
Robaina, Julio (R)   
Schenck, Robert C. (R)   
Thurston, Perry E. (D)   
Waldman, James W. (D)   
Weinstein, Michael B. (R)   


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