Published August 14, 2010 


It looks like the folks pushing VOTE NO ON 4 -- equipped with the fancy, but misleading name "Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy" -- are more and more realizing that they are fighting a losing battle. Florida's citizens seem to wake up -- finally. And the advertising actually gets voters attention and they ask: "What the heck is this HOOPLA all about?"


But more than $15 million -- collected from the same folks who are to be blamed for our failed economy, huge unemployment rate, dead real estate market and countless foreclosures -- doesn't only buy misleading ads with false statements, it buys as well the voices of ex-politicians and other folks with a title willing to sell their opinions for cash. Money is drawing politicians like honey draws bears!

The most ridiculous argument used:
If Amendment 4 is approved by the voters, the sky will fall: It will cause high unemployment rates, a failing economy and a total collapse of the real estate market!

Who are they kidding? That sure is a scare tactic that's really not too scary.

How much worse can it get? Actually, it's already so bad it can hardly get worse -- and that's without Amendment 4 being enacted. All caused by many years of GROWTH MISMANAGEMENT!

According to the latest numbers "only" 44 percent of single-family homeowners owed more than the properties were worth -- meaning they are "UNDERWATER"! Estimated 360,000 homes and condos are EMPTY -- and the number is growing! How scary is that?

Since professional sports are an American pastime, we all know what is being done with an unsuccessful team! First the coach gets fired.  Then, if that doesn't help, the players get fired. How about we call the game Growth Management? During the last decade the team in charge surely was a losing team here in Florida -- results see above! Florida ended up at the bottom of the standings, leaving us with no other choice than changing coach and players. Let's see if we can get out of the cellar with a new coach: AMENDMENT 4 -- and see if that will get us out of the mess we are in? Nothing can be worse than what we have now!

The next desperate act will be the publication of an opinion push poll conducted by telephone claiming that a wide majority of voters reject Amendment 4 --  the old trick to make people believe the NO-folks are actually winning. The first reports from annoyed people are coming in, telling the story of the poll: "If the person answering the call states that he/she favors Amendment 4, the caller will read all kinds of false, but scary statements regarding the effect of Amendment 4. Then the question comes: Would you still vote YES on 4 if all the statements you just heard were true?

That's a pretty desperate attempt -- even for a push poll!


But the most pathetic argument against Amendment 4 comes from elected officials -- who fear for their extra income and some wannabe politicians who still need some extra campaign funds.


Argument 1: "Voters are plainly too dumb to understand the details of the comprehensive land use plan." In a way I have to agree, because these same voters were dumb enough to vote these morons into office. But who turned these politicians into Einstein? I read a lot of e-mails written by elected officials. English is only my second language, but I would be embarrassed to send out such e-mails I see sometimes coming from them. They can't write proper English, but they can read comprehensive land use plans? 
The whole argument is anyway only a desperate attempt to confuse the masses: Nothing changes with the approval process, but in the end -- if the changes were approved -- the voters will have the final decision -- JUST YES or NO -- on how their neighborhood will change -- or stay the way they like it!.


Argument 2: "Since only a small percentage of voters vote -- sometimes only 15% -- a small minority will make very important decisions!"

It's a shame that only so few people make use of their democratic rights, but I haven't heard these same politicians complaining when they won elected office by the vote of such a small minority! In their opinion it's obviously OK if they are voted into office by a small minority, but this small minority shouldn't have the right to approve land use plans!




And since all these scare tactics and pathetic arguments don't seem to work with Florida's voters, they are now using the last resort of the rich to stop what they are afraid will happen: LITIGATION!
Using the money to file frivolous litigation to tie up the opposition's financial resources and make sure their attorneys are tied up responding to these frivolous allegations. 


Adam Babington, Director of Governmental Relations of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, filed two ethics complaints against Hometown Democracy. More pathetic posturing!

Nothing but smear tactics! Since they can't beat the message, they are trying hard to destroy the messenger.

I sincerely hope that Florida's voters are smarter than these folks give them credit for -- see through their web of lies -- and: