An Opinion By Jan Bergemann 
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc. 

Published September 7, 2010 


George Brummer is up to his old tricks again. Creating the Special Recreation Tax District [ See: THE PALM AIRE STORY ] hasn't quite achieved his final goal: Serving the golf course owners the ready-made opportunity to get rid of the golf courses -- selling it to developers to build high-rises on the property. 


Last time he abused his power as vice mayor of Pompano Beach and board member of the PALM-AIRE COUNTRY CLUB CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, to successfully push the creation of the tax district. Brummer didn't care that he used condo association money -- violating Florida Statutes FS 718 -- to reach his goal. Brummer didn't care that his ilk removed signs and flyers opposing the creation of the tax district. Brummer didn't care that associations had to levy special assessments against already financially weak owners, because association budgets had deficits caused by money spent on promoting the tax district. George Brummer cares for George Brummer -- the elected official with private agendas.


But in his way to reach his final goal stands HOMETOWN DEMOCRACY -- also known as AMENDMENT 4. Brummer knows that even all his coaching, arm-twisting and misinterpretations will not convince the mostly elderly folks making their home in the Palm Aire condos to vote YES on building high-rises on these golf courses. Even for gullible people, the downside is too obvious!


That's why he is willing to use all means at his disposal to avoid giving his neighbors the right to vote on issues like that. He knows it's easier to achieve his goal if it can be done by means of backroom deals -- business as usual for these elected officials!


As the president of the Palm Aire Democratic Club, he is arranging a meeting to tune in his followers and many gullible elderly folks to vote against Amendment 4. In order to convince these folks "how bad Amendment 4 really is" he invited county commissioner Kristin D. Jacobs to make the pitch against Amendment 4. Don't forget, Kristin Jacobs is member of the Broward County Commission, where a few of its members soon will trade their place on the dais with a cozy cell in jail -- for corruption! The same kind of corruption AMENDMENT 4 is trying to fight. 


George Brummer obviously considers the word "FAIR" either a four-letter word or the word isn't even in his vocabulary. 


Bett Willett is a Deerfield Beach activist who fights for her neighborhood and for the State of Florida. She has tried to protect what's left of Florida's beauty after many years of growth mismanagement. Willett asked Brummer to allow her to present the pro side of Amendment 4 in contrast to Jacobs' anti side. Brummer turned her down and even discouraged her from attending the meeting. He surely doesn't want these folks from Palm Aire to hear what Amendment 4 could really do for them.


In case you want to hear Kristin Jacobs' biased version and ask her a few questions that show what's wrong with her arguments, you could attend the meeting on September 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Herb Skolnick Center, 800 SW 36th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL.


Let's face it, George Brummer is the typical elected official we citizens need protection against -- protection provided by Amendment 4. Quite a few of these elected public servants seem to leave ethics and self-respect behind once they enter public office.


And I will never understand why these Democrats are crawling into bed with the same folks who are normally their arch-enemies. Don't forget: The campaign against Amendment 4 is financed by the Chamber of Commerce and AIF (Associated Industries of Florida) and power-hungry politicians like GOP chair John Thrasher.  Normally these folks wouldn't have a minuteís time for these Democrats.


But it seems when it comes to money, power and selling out their constituents, they are all on the same side! None of them want voters to have the right to vote on the future of their neighborhoods!


We VOTERS have to stop these greedy developers and the corrupt politicians. 

That's why we need on November 2 to