Attention Homeowners - do you know:
Developers created your Homeowners Association,
which serves their interests, and not Homeowners?
  • If you initialed for a binding CONTRACT with a private corporation and surrendered your constitutional rights and civil liberties to the will and whim of your HOA and its Board of Directors?  That happened when you acknowledged receiving your Association Documents during escrow.  
  • What CCRs are?  Did you receive the CCR's BEFORE closing?  Did you read them?
  • If you are in violation of CCRs and that you could be fined or a lien put on your home for a violation?  Or that you could lose your home in foreclosure?
  • That the Directors of your Board are not personally accountable for their possible misdeeds?
  • That the provisions of the CCR's (the contract) may change without your consent?
  • That your Association's amenities become your personal liabilities?
  • That your local government encourages, supports and even mandates HOAs, yet won't help with violations of the law?
  • That your Board fulfills governmental functions, but it does NOT operate as a democratic government, as there is no separation of powers and no checks and balances?
  • That some believe you should look to your CCR's BEFORE the US Constitution?
  • The attorney YOU PAY, with your association assessments, does not represent you?
  • Nobody will tell you the full truth about HOAs, the best kept secret in America?
If you can answer NO to any of the above questions, then you need to be educated about HOAs (Homeowners Associations).  In Florida, there are over 10,000 HOAs with over 2 million homeowners living in them.

FACT: There are over 42 million homeowners in the United States living in HOAs.  HOAs constitute mini-private-governments with complete power over the homeowners.  Homeowners in these associations have obligations, but very few rights.  FL Statutes fail to provide protection to homeowners against abusive HOAs or Boards, nor do they provide effective means of enforcement of the law on HOAs who violate them.  You therefore have NO ONE to turn to!

If you did not know all or any of the above, you need information and education!

Join CCFJ, Inc. (Cyber Citizens for Justice) in our fight for HOMEOWNERS' RIGHTS in Florida!

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You are a very VITAL part of your community.  Take action, take part.  Get Involved!

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