Arizona Department of Real Estate
Removes CAI Link From Their Website
CAI is the Lobby Group For the Homeowner Association Lawsuit Industry 
October 09, 2002
By George Staropoli 

Phoenix, AZ - In early May of this year the Arizona Real Estate Department recommended Citizens Against Private Government HOAs (CAPGH) web site as a source for "negative information" on HOAs. This was on its newly issued Buyer Advisory form that contained other "checkoff" issues for the buyer. CAI was mentioned here and also on its web site. 

Three weeks later the CAPGH link was removed, but not CAI's. A dialog followed and the final answer for my removal was a pitiful, "the department is not responsible for HOAs". I continued the exposure of the department's attitude and reasoning on my site, in press releases and in other emails over the following months. 

Checking their site the other day I was pleased to see that CAI was removed from its web page and from the Buyer Advisory, too. A pleasant surprise, indeed. 

Of course the issue of a full disclosure notice to HOA buyers has still not been addressed by the department, but I'm still working on it.