5 HOA Manager Myths

Article Courtesy of  Realty Today    

Published November 15, 2015


Homeowner Associations managers are hired to implement board policies as well as look after the group's business affairs. However, there are incidents where the manager is put in a bad light which causes disagreement with the board members when roles and responsibilities are not clearly established .

These 5 HOA manager myths according to Realty Times:

Manager is available 24/7

Managers usually manage several homeowner associations in their hand and need to allot time to systematically and fairly address each. Although the management company usually has 24/7 emergency response, the manager follows an orchestrated schedule to meet every commitment efficiently which is at the same time cost effective for the clients.

Manager is responsible for contract performance

The manager is not in any way responsible for any delay or inconvenience caused by contractors. It is up to the contractors to deliver in a timely manner; the manager's job is to enforce provisions in the contract if there's need to (like filing for a legal action or withholding payment) to ensure the interests of the board and the owners.

Managers work for the owners

The managers is in contract with the board of directors which gives him the authority to run the HOA business while following documents, budget, and further instructions from the board or head of the board. Therefore, the manager is not expected to receive orders and transact directly with owners.

Manager takes direction from every director of the board

Managers are expected to receive orders from the entire board or the head of the board and not from every single member. Dealings should only take place between the manager or a representative of the board to speak in behalf of the group (like during board meetings).

Manager is a referee

Managers are not to be dragged in neighbor disputes unless the conflict involves violation of HOA rules or policies. Therefore, homeowners are not to expect managers to come between disputes and arbitrate during neighbor to neighbor conflicts.