A Nightmare - Not an American Dream
 "Geriatric Foster Pets in Jeopardy of Euthanasia"

Morrisville, NC
Unaware that they where in violation of the Preston Village Homeowners covenant that restricts the number of domestic animals the Pierce's have had a Civil Suit filed in Wake County District Court from the Preston Village Homeowners Board.  What was presented to us under the auspice of "the Preston Village Homeowners Covenants" did not note a pet limit .
"We have been told to comply by removing all animals but 3, to us that option is not feasible because it would be EUTHANASIA for our geriatric rescued pets and our companion animals which we consider our family members", said Mike Pierce. 
The Preston Village Homeowners Board feels it is their duty to "strictly"enforce this covenant. They feel that by violating  this covenant which is supposedly designed to maintain the upscale neighborhood and protect the value of the residents homes will send a negative message if not enforced.  There are other violations in the subdivision, but there is no discussion or debate allowed about those. Those individuals who have spoken out are at risk of experiencing further reprisal by the homeowner's board.

Despite communicating via legal counsel in October, 2000, that our intention is to move we continue to be harassed.   "This is a PERSONAL VENDETA, against us.", said Mike Pierce.  Not only is this costing the Pierce's thousands of dollars in legal fees it is also costing the homeowners of Preston Village thousands of dollars of their hard earned money, to fight a battle which has never been put to a formal vote by ALL homeowners in the subdivision.

The Constitutional Rights of homeowners in covenant--controlled communities are not only under attack, there are cases where the homeowners rights have been legally denied. You surrender your Civil Liberties when entering a common interest property, and who was to know! We need to look beneath the surface of homeowner's associations and what rights as homeowners we sign away by being involved in one.

"Our current canine and feline companions consist primarily of rescued pets. These poor, wretched creatures are usually hard to place in permanent homes because of previous abandonment, abuse or advanced age. Sadly, many are left in "foster-care", like our home, for the remainder of their fragile lives. In our carefully considered opinion, there is absolutely no justification for targeting well-cared for, geriatric animals and putting them at certain risk of euthanasia!  We shall continue to move forward for our beliefs, we most assuredly will remain involve in fostering rescued animals that otherwise would be inhumanely and unnecessarily sacrificed. To us, the alternative is just unimaginable" said Judi Pierce.

I respectfully ask your assistance in providing AWARENESS to those who are unaware. We need to be a "Voice for the Voiceless".   The impact of personal awareness will be insurmountable.

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