Attorney General Chastises Davie HOA

For Restricting Police Vehicles



Published June 17, 2005

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist criticized a Davie homeowners' association Thursday for barring a police officer from parking his cruiser in front of his house.


The homeowners' association of Carlton Ranches claimed that the police cruiser is an eyesore. The association said that it classified the car as a commercial vehicle, and because of that classification, they would not allow the car to be parked in a driveway overnight.


Crist said he likes what he sees in the Davie driveway. He met with the officer involved, Kevin Millan, and Local 10's Jeff Weinsier Thursday and offered a legal opinion.


"The law prohibits commercial vehicles. This is not a commercial vehicle. This is a law enforcement vehicle, for crying out loud," Crist said. "It's unconscionable. It defies common sense."


The attorney general's visit doesn't mean the legal battle is over. The homeowners' association can continue to fight and leave it up to a judge to make the final decision.