Copper Ridge residents start recall over fence loan


Article Courtesy of Tampa Bay's 10 News Now 
Posted on Monday, January 10, 2005


Valrico - Copper Ridge is a deed restricted community near Highway 60 and Dover Road. Their wooden fence along both sides of Copper Canyon Boulevard is being replaced next week.

Homeowner Shaun Goeckner doesn't think the fence needs to be replaced yet but he's more upset about the loan to pay for it.

Goeckner says the Copper Ridge Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors used the value of homes in their subdivision to secure a $275,000 loan, without anyone's permission.

So Goeckner is collecting signatures, trying to recall all five homeowners on the board of directors.

As for the other side of the story, Treasurer Bob Silmser declined

an on-camera interview, but called the recall effort totally out of line.

Silmser says the board did not need the residents’ approval before getting this loan, and he says homeowners shouldn't worry about

liens because the association has enough money to make the loan payments.

There are 923 homes in the Copper Ridge subdivision. The residents need half of the homeowners' signatures, plus one, for a recall of the Homeowners' Association's Board of Directors.

"I don't much like it. If I have a lien on the house, I have to pay for another individual's errant decision, before I can refinance, sell or make any other financial decisions concerning it."