Fight breaks out at homeowners association meeting in Port Salerno

Article Courtesy of The TCPALM.COM

February 9, 2006


PORT SALERNO There was recount request on the dock vote, and then things got ugly at the meeting of the Reef Club's homeowners association.

Resident Joanne Schart, 42, expressed concern that some of the votes during the association's annual meeting Tuesday were cast by residents ineligible to vote.

That's when she and witnesses said Bryan Blazie, 37, started yelling at her and shoved his chair into legs, leading to his arrest on a battery charge, according to a Martin County sheriff's report released Thursday.

Neither Schart nor Blazie could be reached for comment Thursday, and it was unclear where the parties stood on the dock issue.

Blazie was released Wednesday from the Martin County jail on $500 bail.

Schart told investigators she asked for the recount because she counted a different number of hands than the board.

"You want to take this outside?" was the response from Blazie, who was sitting in front of her at the Port Salerno Civic Center, according to her statement.

After Blazie got within one to two inches of Schart's face, a board member tried to calm him down.

"He sat, then instantly stood up, swung around flung (the chair did not leave the ground) his chair at me," Schart wrote in her statement. "I was scared."

She called 911 about 9 p.m.

Deputies later determined the woman was not injured and arrested Blazie at his home in the 3600 block of Southeast Bowsprit Court.

Blazie's only statement to the deputy was, "I left before I did something that I would regret," according to the report.