Florida Recalls HOA Board for Troubled Osceola County Community

Article Courtesy of Spectrum News 13

By Stephanie Bechara

Published August 16, 2020



The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation ruled in favor of more than 200 residents at Turnberry Reserve, recalling the November election results.

Residents in the community have complained for years about misconduct by the HOA. Residents say HOA dues has disappeared, there is no paper trail for the finances, they've suffered from exaggerated fines, and had liens places on their homes without a change to defend themselves.

They also say residents were harassed by the management team and residents' rights were being violated.

Each recalled board member now has to turn over any and all records of the association to a new board, which was voted in by 60 percent of the residents.

Resident Tony Santiago said he and his neighbors are ready for the challenges to come as the new board kicks in.

“Everything that we fought for, we are getting it,” he said. “Does that mean everything now is going to be awesome? It’s impossible…there is a lot of work to be done.”



Residents of Turnberry and other subdivisions packed a Florida Legislature delegation meeting last year, urging lawmakers to push for reform of HOA laws.