Signs in Wekiva Cove neighborhood mark area for residents only

Article and Video Courtesy of WESH 2 NEWS

By Amanda Dues

Published April 30, 2020



WEKIWA SPRINGS -- A Seminole County Homeowners Association says it will not take down signs warning that, 'In light of the current shelter-at-home orders, only residents are allowed in.'

A full day after the Seminole County Sheriff's office said it would ask that the signs be taken down, they remain at the entrance to Wekiva Cove.


They warn only residents are allowed in light of shelter-at-home order and suggest sheriff's deputies are authorized to check ID’s.

A spokeswoman for the sheriff's office says limiting access to the neighborhood is not something deputies will enforce and that the signs are incorrect.

A member of the HOA board says the community, in which the roads and sidewalks are all privately maintained, tends to attract outside visitors, many coming to their lakefront park.

He said in light of the coronavirus they want that non-resident traffic, kept out.


The HOA says while it's willing to take the sentence claiming deputies will do ID checks off of the signs, the warning that residents only are allowed will remain.

During this new normal of social distancing and shelter-at-home, it's possible more communities like Wekiva Cove's will start restricting public access. The question is if HOA'S have that legal right/

An attorney we consulted says HOA's do have a right to deny access to private property but the restrictions and how they may be enforced depend on the HOA's governing rules.