Mainlands 3 asks judge to help remove HOA board members

Article Courtesy of The Sun Sentinel

By Lisa J. Huriash

Published November 22, 2014

Tamarac community wants help removing four HOA members
Residents of a 55-plus neighborhood are so fed up with four members of their homeowners association board that they are asking a judge to help remove them. 


Nearly 75 residents of the Mainlands 3 are asking a Broward circuit court judge to forbid the four from writing checks and to hold a special meeting within 48 hours to allow a removal vote.

A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday before Judge Dale Ross.

"I think this is somewhat exotic," said Peter Wallis, the attorney for the residents. "You can etch on the head of an ant the number of times a group has banded together to bring this kind of change, it is so rare."


Owners Unhappy with Court Ruling


The residents' lawsuit accuses William and Linda Villela and Earl and Arlene Ostrander of mismanagement and not following protocols when it comes to check writing in the 256-home community of Mainlands 3.

But HOA president William Villela said the residents' complaints are only because of a "vindictive vendetta in the community to get the present board."

The suit says that residents tried to force a recall election of the board members in September, but the meeting was adjourned. There hasn't been a board meeting since, the lawsuit says.

The board has 10 members; the majority are not targets of the removal attempt. The current board has served since December.
"It's a definite nightmare," said resident Sandra Kloszewski, who is leading the charge to remove the couples.
Villela said the recall election didn't happen because there was no need for it.

Earl Ostrander and his wife could not be reached for comment. Earl Ostrander made national news in 1984 when he was the first mayor recalled in Wildwood, N.J., history.