Lee County HOA tells family to remove sign that urges drivers to slow down

Article Courtesy of  Channel 2 NBC

By Jessica Babb

Published September 22, 2020


LEE COUNTY – Parents and kids living in Catalina Isles in Lee County are challenging a decision made by the community’s HOA, telling them to remove a sign urging drivers to slow down.

“So we put the man there because the kids were always out playing, just to slow down traffic,” said homeowner Jenna Montone.

Montone said they received a note on the neon green sign that said it needed to be removed from a cul-de-sac near their home.

The community said they would allow them to have the sign posted when kids were playing but asked them to remove it when kids were done.

“They did say you could put him up and pull him back out every time kids play but with so many kids that’s kind of asking a lot,” Montone said.


So Montone started a petition, and with the help of kids in the neighborhood, has gotten numerous signatures. She said they plan to present the petition to the board.

“We’d love better lighting and then we’d love signage that says slow down, obey the speed limit,” Montone said. “Children are playing, just something permanent.”

The community said they already are working to make improvements. They said four speed signs were approved for the neighborhood on August 26. They said two signs will be placed near the entrance and there will be two signs that will flash and tell you your speed placed in the neighborhood.

The community also said signs are not allowed.