Engle Homes hands over Live Oak Preserve to residents


Article Courtesy of The Tampa Tribune


Published May 28, 2009

NEW TAMPA - Engle Homes Vice President Rick Feather has stepped down as head of the Live Oak Preserve master homeowners association, officially turning over the development to the residents.

Feather's resignation last week is the latest move by Engle to relinquish its authority at Live Oak Preserve and its neighboring town house community, The Hammocks. Company officials resigned from Live Oaks' three community development districts in April.

Engle's parent company, TOUSA, filed for Chapter 11 protection last year and is selling off its inventory of homes and developments.

Frank Micallef and Amy Warenyk, the remaining two HOA members, move quickly May 21 to appoint three replacements. They also announced plans to begin talks with Bright House Networks to beg out of a 15-year bulk cable contract.

Residents have complained for years about the former developer-controlled association's decision to tie the community to a resident funded cable deal. Bright House is required to provide cable, Internet and home security monitoring services to the 1,100 homes.

The new HOA board also approved new bylaws to include towing as a remedy for habitual parking violators, deny recreational services to homeowners delinquent on their assessments, established rules of behavior at the clubhouse, and approved paying clubhouse pool monitors time and a half on holidays..

The homeowners association also plans to seek legal advice on its ability to recoup creditor funds from Engle.

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