Anti-Foreclosure Bill SB 137 signed by Governor!

Governor signs bills protecting members of homeowner associations


Published October 4, 2005


Homeowner associations will be required to use secret ballots when electing board members or imposing levy increases, under a bill signed Monday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.


The bill, authored by Sen. Jim Battin, R-Palm Desert, stemmed from complaints from homeowners who said some associations require identification in elections that can lead to unwanted lobbying or even intimidation by fellow members.


Homeowner associations will be required to make financial and other important records available to members under legislation from Assemblyman Dave Jones, D-Sacramento, that was also signed by the governor.


Finally, the governor signed a bill from Sen. Denise Ducheny, D-San Diego, that prevents homeowners' associations from using foreclosure when a homeowner owes less than $1,800 in assessments.


A retired couple living in a country subdivision in the foothills of Calaveras County drew headlines last year when they lost a $300,000 home after the association ordered a foreclosure sale over $120 in back dues.


"What we are doing here is creating consumer protection for people who buy into homeowner associations," said Marjorie Murray, spokeswoman for the California Alliance for Retired Americans. "Most people have no idea what they are getting into."

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