Coalition Thanks Lawmakers For HOA Legislation


Article Courtesy Arizona Capitol Times

Published 7 - 16 - 2004

CHORE (Coalition of Homeowners for Rights and Education) would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to those in the Legislature who supported the homeowners of Arizona last session.  On behalf of all those homeowners living in homeowner associations and suffering under the thumb of bad boards of directors, we appreciate the giant step you have taken.

We would especially like to thank those who sponsored HOA legislation. There were 17 bills introduced this session. Thank you to Sen. Jay Tibshraeny, R-21, for legislation requiring HOAs to register with the Maricopa County Recorder. S1125 was signed by Governor Napolitano on April 7.

A thank you goes to Rep. Tom Prezelski, D-29, for the “right” to post political signs in our yards for the candidate of our choice — only in an HOA would that “American” right be denied. H2478 was signed by the governor on June 1.

Our special thanks go out to those legislators who came to our need, stepped up to the plate, introduced critical changes to existing statutes and sponsored new laws.  We know what a “hot button” issue HOA legislation is and we appreciate your fortitude and gallant efforts on behalf of the homeowners, your constituents.

Special thanks to Rep. Eddie Farnsworth R-22, your H2402 was the granddaddy of them all. H2402 amended a statute to state that a lien for penalties can apply only after the entry of judgment in a civil lawsuit. It was signed into law June 7.

Rep. Chuck Gray, R-19 championed many important bills.  Rep. Wally Straughn, D-15, your H2177 was one of the most important of the session. H2177 requires members and members’ designees make all financial and other records of homeowners associations reasonably available for examination. It was signed into law April 19.

Sen. Toni Hellon, R-26, your S1137 finally righted the wrongs of ARS 10-3304.  S1137 will allow any member of an HOA to challenge the HOA corporation’s power to act by deleting a requirement that a challenge must be brought by at least 10 per cent of the voting power within the association or by at least 50 members. It was signed into law April 12.

And thanks to all who co-sponsored critical pieces of legislation.  We hope the few we lost will be reintroduced next session. You all stood up and fought for the homeowner when it wasn’t always the most popular thing to do.

We want to thank all those legislators, especially in the many committees in the House who read our legislation, asked questions, began to understand the abuses and voted to support the homeowners instead of special interests.

Thanks to all the legislative staffers “in the basement” and thanks to all the assistants.  You were always so ready and willing to help us, even educating us rookies.

And finally, thank you Governor Napolitano for signing the HOA bills that made it to your desk. We will be back!

Pat Haruff, President, CHORE Coalition of Homeowners for Rights and Education •