Homeowners Association Task Force
November 14, 2003    10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Hurston North Tower
400 West Robinson Street, Suite N901
Orlando, Florida  32802

Speakers Name_______________________________

Speakers Address:_____________________________
Phone: (     )__________________________________

All persons who wish to address the panel must notify the Task Force in advance.
Comments are limited to the topics on the agenda. Speakers request form must be
returned to the meeting coordinator, Marlita Peters, at least two business days prior
to the meeting. Please indicate the topic(s) you are addressing by placing a check
mark in the appropriate box. Speakers will receive a total of 3 minutes.

NOTE: Please be advised, if you choose to attend by teleconference, there will be an additional charge of 6.9Ë per minute added to your long distance carrier charges.  The Meet-me number to call is (850) 487-8587 or SC 277-8587. 

You may contact Marlita Peters by phone at (850) 414-9223 or 
SC 214-9223.  FAX (850) 921-5450.
  Topic #1 - Disclosure.  Whether providing a conspicuous disclosure regarding a developer’s long-term control of an association or association property at the time of purchase would resolve many of the issues and disputes arising from the absence of a time limit for developer transition being imposed under section 720.307, Florida Statutes (2002).  Compare 718.301, Florida Statutes, which imposes a seven year limit on association control.
Topic #2 - The right of HOA members to receive notice of proposed HOA board actions relative to special assessments or amendment of rules regarding use of parcels.  Compare 7118.112 ( 2 ) ( c ), FS.
Topic #3 - The right of HOA members to be heard by the Board, including the right to speak to designated agenda items at any meeting of the Board. Compare 7118.112 ( 2 ) ( c ), FS.
Topic #4 - The right of HOA members to petition the Board relative to proposed agenda items.
Topic #5 - The right to impartiality of HOA board elections, including secret ballot procedures.  Compare 718.112 ( 2 ) (d ) (3 ), FS.