WUOA Owners call for Coalition with CCFJ, Inc.

Wynmoor Unit Owners Are Looking For Changes -- Broward County

Published March 7, 2005



To The Editors:

After almost three years of many promises and little action, frustrated  WUOA  members finally exploded at the February 7th general member­ship meeting.

As one disgruntled gentleman put it: "I've been coming to these meetings for two years now, and all I ever hear is how bad things are and how they're getting worse - budgets out of control, administration running things to suit themselves, no accountability, no way of knowing where our money is going - and I'm sick of it. When are you all (pointing to the on stage leadership) go­ing to do something about it?"

Once the grumbling started, it was hard to stop. As one who has been involved with WUOA from the very start (the sole remaining original board member), I sympathize with the frustration. It's long been obvious that WUOA suffers from many of the same failings as the administration they claim to want to correct - but enough of that. 

Do I have a better solution for unit owners eager for action on their behalf? And how - what's more, I've been trying to persuade WUOA leadership to actively align themselves with Cyber Citizens for Justice - the statewide  alliance  pro-condo owner activists who have made their voices heard in Tallahassee and are actually wrestling legislative improvements that benefit all condo owners.

Let me suggest that all with Internet access go to the website: WUOA.ORG (Wynmoor Unit Owners Advocate) and check out the many links to Cyber Citizens for Justice. Hopefully, you'll agree that, based on  their record to date, it's the group worthy of your support.

Arline Brecher