An Opinion By Jan Bergemann 
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

Published March 17, 2016

Marco Rubio finally got his butt kicked by Florida voters – and it was about time. My opinion has nothing to do with him being Republican – praised by the so-called party-establishment as the savior – or who his opponents were.

It has to do with his actions as a House Representative – and Speaker of the House (2006-2008) – in Tallahassee. Rubio, at one time a member of the law firm of Becker&Poliakoff – our worst enemies in attempts to create owner-friendly community association laws – did more damage to our cause than the whole Community Association Institute (CAI) during his few years in office. Together with his “enforcer” David Rivera, he killed bills behind closed doors that would have stopped quite a few of the shenanigans we are seeing daily in Florida’s community associations. Bills that would have helped to stop the scams and embezzlement Florida’s media is reporting about on a daily basis.

In my opinion Rubio sold out the welfare of more than 4 million property owners in exchange for special-interest money. We are still suffering from his actions in Tallahassee.

The dismal primary election results from all over the nation show that nobody really likes Rubio, but some folks in Miami. The election results show the whole story – and hopefully stop his political ambitions in its tracks. Considering yesterday’s election results in Florida – and the other Primary states – I might suggest that Rubio may consider running for mayor in Little Havana – more or less the only place in the whole nation where the voters seem to like him -- if he chooses to continue earning his livelihood in political office.

And maybe prosecutors finally realize that Rubio lost his power to protect his “buddy” and former Tallahassee room-mate David Rivera from prosecution ( See article: David Rivera investigation remains stalled ).

All the co-conspirators in this election-fraud scheme were charged and convicted, but the person, who is in my mind – and that of many others – the main culprit has so far avoided prosecution. Does he know too many skeletons in Rubio’s closet?

But let’s make sure that Rubio stays where he is in the moment: Standing in the corner crying about his “misfortune” after his failed attempt to become the leader of our great nation. Let’s make sure he is not trying to run for Florida Governor!

We sure don’t need another guy in the Florida Governor’s Mansion who is selling the welfare of our citizens for special-interest money coming from the same people who have attempted to buy the office of President of the United States for a guy who was clearly already bought and paid for!