An Opinion By Jan Bergemann 
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

Published March 17, 2018


THANK GOD FOR TERM LIMITS! GEORGE MORAITIS – the Republican State Representative for District 93 (Broward County) – is finally “history” after eight (8) years of sponsoring bills for special interests to the detriment of Florida’s homeowners and condo owners owning property in community associations.


Year for year he sponsored bills trying to postpone the date for condominiums to install sprinkler-systems, knowing full well that this is risking the lives of senior citizens living in hi-rise condos. Just this week another senior citizen died in a fire in a condominium in Pompano Beach that was not equipped with a sprinkler system. Obviously Moraitis thinks: Who cares?


This year, obviously as a “departure present” to all homeowners and condo owners he sponsored a bill (HB 841) that will eliminate public board meetings as we know it: No More Board Business In The Sunshine. The bill legalizes board members communicating by e-mail – with these e-mails not being public records. This effectively ends public board meetings and allows board members to do business behind closed doors.


From horrible recall language to giving a “present” to bulk-buyers – the bill contains all kinds of bad provisions for owners. Moraitis was well aware of all these issues contained in his bill – and plainly ignored all the concerns presented to him in his usual arrogant manner.


But obviously selling out property owners to special interest is family business. Moriatis’ wife Heather is now a Ft. Lauderdale City Commissioner and is the “voice of the developers on the city commission.”


As the chair of the Republican Party of Broward County George Moraitis wants County Commissioner Chip LaMarca to be his successor as the State Representive for District 93. Chip LaMarca has his own very checkered financial past: From being threatened with foreclosure of his home to a miraculous financial recovery and various scandals published in the local newspapers, including serious investigations by the State Inspector General, the list of “nasty” newspaper articles is long.


I am a registered Republican and a strong supporter of our elected President – like it or not – but in my opinion I rather have a Democrat from Broward County wasting taxpayers’ money on outrageous pensions for government workers than a Republican selling his constituents out to special interest!