Bill Summary By
CCFJ Director for Legislative Affairs
Milena Macias, Esq.


HB 623

  1. Pools. This provision would allow some condominium associations who have less than 32 units to be exempt from Department of Health regulations. Personally, I don’t think that’s such a good idea and we need to find out why this was proposed.

  2. Insurance. This provision would prohibit subrogation rights against a condominium association under certain circumstances. For example, if the association does not provide rights for subrogation against the unit owners, an insurance policy issued to an individual unit owner in the association may not provide rights of subrogation against the association. This is a sensible idea – if the Association will not provide rights for subration against the unit owners, then the units should not be able to give the rights of subrogation to the Association.

  3. Bids. This provision would require associations to keep bids for at least one year after the bid is received. This is one way of ensuring transparency in the Association.

  4. Records inspection requests. This provision will allow us as unit owners to get copies of all official records – without the need to demonstrate any purpose or state any reason for the inspection.

  5. Documents available on mobile website. In addition to having condominium associations with more than 150 units maintain a website, this provision will allow documents to be made available and downloaded through a mobile website (such as a cel phone).

  6. Equality! This provision will amend 718 F.S. so any bylaws, or reasonable rules or regulations of the association which diminish or infringe upon any right protected under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution or Art. 384 II of the State Constitution and would be void and unenforceable without further action of the association. However, the provision states that the association may record a notice in the public records of the county in which the condominium is located evidencing its intention to not enforce such provision, it would foolhardy for them to do so. This has been overdue in our quest for achieving equal rights.

  7. Term limits: This provision states that only board service that occurs on or after July 1, 2018, may be used when calculating a board member's term limit. Finally, we can now be sure of what the term limits mean – board service after July 1, 2018 is the clock.

  8. Transfer fees. This provision will not allow an association to “make money” on applicant fees, except for actual costs of any background check or screening performed by the association.

  9. Fines. This provision states that if a proposed fine or suspension levied by the board is approved by the committee, the fine payment is due 5 days after notice of the approved fine is provided to the parcel owner and, if applicable, to any occupant, licensee, or invitee of the parcel owner the date of the committee meeting at which the fine is approved. This is will be beneficial because the notice must be given to the person being fined, rather than as it stands today, which is the date the committee meeting is approved.


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