An Opinion By Jan Bergemann 
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

Published May 18, 2010


Once upon a time there was a master association in Miami named KENLAND WALK PROPERTY OWNERS' ASSOCIATION, INC. Potential buyers were told that Kenland Walk was a friendly community -- easy living in the sunshine. 


But instead of serving the four condominium associations to make the owners happy, some of the board members of the master association and the management company left quite a few very unhappy owners in Kenland Walk I, II and IV. The fact that this master association was managed by Timberlake Management, the management firm of Robert A. and Rachel Dugger clearly didn't help the cause. If you look at the DBPR FILE for TIMBERLAKE you might understand what I mean.


The two representatives of Kenland Walk III on the board of the master association, Antonio Ramos and Jeffrey Roth, ran the show -- much to the dismay of many owners in the community. When the owners of Kenland Walk I, II and IV saw the proposed budget for 2010, they finally blew their fuses. They finally got organized and voted three new representatives on the master association board to take charge.

At the meeting of the master association on March 11, 2010 the three ladies from Kenland Walk I, II and IV took charge, starting with changing the language used during the meetings from Spanish to English. Since the former president, Antonio Ramos, spoke only Spanish, all the communications during previous meetings had required a translator. 

The agenda of the first board meeting of the POA, after elections had taken place in the single communities, made it clear that changes were on the horizon:

1.      First Order of Business:  Make English again the language to communicate at board meetings.      

2.      Second Order of Business:  Election of Officers!


The MINUTES OF THE TURBULENT MEETING speak for themselves! The language on the audiotape of the meeting is much more explicit -- and our site is not only used by adults!


A little hint for future and past board members: If you storm out of meetings because somebody took your toys away, you may miss important issues discussed at the meeting after you're gone.


Cursing and swearing while storming out of a board meeting that has not been adjourned yet may make your neighbors wonder if you are the right person for the job in future elections.


Since three board members present create the needed quorum to continue or hold board meetings, it seems the three ladies on the board can work nicely without the two guys who don't want to play with them after being demoted to board members without office.


Then the POA board made decisions that Jeff Roth, president of Kenland Walk III, didn't like. His answer: He stopped payment of the monthly share of expenses to the POA, ignoring the fact that the POA in return could put liens on the homes of all Kenland Walk III owners. 


Unhappy with President Roth’s decision, some owners posted a flyer [OWNER'S FLYER] on the bulletin board, making their neighbors aware what was going on in their community. In turn, that flyer miffed Jeffrey Roth, who posted his own flyer [ROTH POSTING] on the bulletin board the next day.  Roth’s flyer accused the board of all kinds of wrongdoing.

And that's about the end of the FAIRY TALE OF EASY LIVING in Kenland Walk! 



By the way, did I mention that Jeffrey Roth is a licensed attorney, eligible to practice law in Florida?