Presentation -- House Committee On Business Regulation

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                Presentation -- House Committee On Business Regulation

Wednesday, 3-10-2004, 3:15 PM

Honorable Chairman, Honorable Members of the Committee,

My name is Jan Bergemann. I am the president of Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc. and have been a member of the Governor's Homeowners' Association Task Force. 

I would like to thank Chairman Julio Robaina and the members of the Select Committee On Condominium Governance for their patience listening to the many hours of testimony from condo-owners, who told their stories and asked for necessary reform. Unlike the members of the HOA Task Force, who heard as well the testimony of many unhappy homeowners, the members of the House Committee listened to the complaints and filed the bill which is today in front of you.  If enacted, this bill will solve many of the problems that are common in Florida's condominiums. It will provide the 
necessary enforcement, necessary to stop the many abuses that happen on a daily basis.

This is obviously a bill written by consumer-friendly legislators trying to protect their constituents. 

Please give your seal of approval by voting in favor of this bill. I can assure you that many of your constituents will appreciate your support. And you might consider adding your name to the growing list of co-sponsors of this bill. It will definitely show the voters of your district that you're on their side!

I just wish some more of my fellow members on the HOA Task Force would have been willing to support the absolute necessary enforcement of the existing Florida Statutes. But they sure were not legislators. Most of them were industry stakeholders, happy with the status quo. Obviously, consumers are an easier target if not protected by a government agency.

Please change this for condo-owners and consider helping the more than 2.5 million Florida families living in homeowners' associations! They need an ombudsman's office as well!

Thank you for listening to my concerns!

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Bergemann
President Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

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Property Owners Association In The Villages (POA) 
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