The fire broke out on Jan. 14 in a small apartment community in the Orlando suburb of Longwood, according to a police affidavit. A responding deputy found Hermann sitting on the ground draped in towels and bleeding, the documents said.

When asked about his injuries, Hermann allegedly told authorities they were caused by a gun. He then blamed the apartment management company, saying it was responsible for what happened.

He allegedly told a paramedic who was treating him that he "started the fire in an act of revenge against the Homeowners Association in charge of his property." Hermann also said he "shot himself in the neck after starting the fire," the report said.

Two residents told authorities they heard and felt an explosion. One woman who lived below Hermann said she dodged flaming debris while trying to make it to her front door.
An apartment that was damaged when Marc Hermann allegedly caused a fire in the complex.

Marc Hermann, 53, allegedly said he started a fire in his apartment complex because of his homeowners association.